Renee Lodewijckx                        artist in residence in SteM   sept 2012 – juin 2013

Born in Schoten, Belgium in 1956

Address:      Zeepaadje 5             B 8450 Bredene    Belgium

Phone:        + 32 50 41 87 57                                Cell:            + 32 477 600978

E-mail:        renee.lodewijckx@skynet.be


Superior Institute of Art St-Lucas (Belgium), Free Graphics

Technical Courses with ceramics, straw, felt, and glass     Several Works in permanent exhibition at the Art Forum and Art at Home in Flanders.

She won the Provincial Price of East Flanders for painting.      Since 1984 Renée Lodewijckx holds personal and collective art exhibitions in several cities in Belgium, France, Holland, England, Italy, Croatia and the United States.

Her works are always part of a project spread over several years where she tries to visualize a central theme from different angulations. That way impressions sprout, traces of emotions and experiences rise gradually well considered but spontaneously.

She finds her challenges in huge projects such as wall faces, gardens but also smaller projects such as graphics and diaries are gratified subjects.Current events which move her emotionally or situations in her private live determine the themes of her work.

Ideas become series of mixed techniques with paint, ink, pastels, self-made paper, sheets,….but she also uses ceramics, felt, textile and glass to express herself.

Since 2008 she works in her studio also regularly Rossa di Cerva, northern Italy, an old shoe factory belonging to an art-loving hotel: ‘La Foresteria Valsesia’ in Rossa (Piemonte).In 2009/2010 the project came ‘Soft back from Black’ drawings, paintings and prints inspired by the Sermenza river at Varallo, northern Italy.

Currently she is working as artist in residence in SteM
‘links and lifelines’
textiles in combination with painting and ceramics
Exhibition: Spring 2013, SteM  Knitting Museum, Sint-Niklaas.